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Summer Time Blues

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting much lately. I’ve been trying to get over a horrible cold. My head has been so congested and I feel like utter crap. Hopefully this will go away in time for the weekend. I would love to get out of the house and go shopping for some new clothes and hopefully have a girls night out. Nothing makes a women feel better than shopping and buying a hot new outfit. Just thought I would check in. I will be posting a lot more often, I promise. I’m going to go make myself a nice hot cup of tea and go curl up on the couch under a cozy blanket.

I Need A Bikini Bag

Friday, August 6th, 2010

This morning I went to the beach to get in a quick swim and to just take in the beautiful view of the ocean and empty beach. As I finished up a lot of people started showing up which is fine but It’s really nice to have the whole beach to yourself.

After my swim, I went into the bathroom to change and had forgot to bring a back to put my wet bikini in. I wrung it out and stuffed it into a pocket on my bag thinking it shouldn’t get things to wet. Wrong! When I got home and went to empty my bag everything had gotten soaked. How can such a tiny bikini hold so much water? Anyways now I’m on a quest to find myself a new waterproof bikini bag. What do you think of these?

But Oh, Those Summer Nights

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
Hey, nice to see you again!

The Three Bikiniteers went to the beach yesterday and later, we went out. I wore my pink TeenyB bikini that I blogged about last time. It’s sexy ūüôā
I¬†don’t think I’ve mentioned Vail before, but¬†we met her on a bikini shoot a couple months ago, she’s awesome. You already know that Kelly is my BFF.
Hoped to go diving, but no money, honey, so we got more tanned (used sunscreen, especially on my face!) and met some guys, but nobody special. Anytime there are 3 bikini models on the beach, there is action, LOL.
Later that same¬†night we went to Opium at the Hard Rock Seminole.¬† Friday nights are for College students and the cover was affordable!¬†The DJ was super and¬†we all¬†danced our butts off! I met a really nice (and cute)¬†who’s a dive instructor,¬†he¬†asked for my number, so let’s¬†see what happens! Hope he calls!
Here is pic that Vail took of of Kelly and Me. Will be more active on my blog now that school is out for summer!

Two happy girls about to change to go out dancing!

My New TeenyB Bikini

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

If you know me, you know that I love swimsuits. I ordered a new bikini from & it came in the mail yesterday. As soon as I opened the package, I saw my pink bikini (love pink!)  peeking through the window in the  box top!  The boxes the bikinis come in are almost as great as the bikin itself. They keep my swimwear collection together, plus they fit perfectly in my dresser drawer.

Since¬†it’s been so¬†gorgeous out,¬†of course I¬†slipped into my new whaletail thong (so comfy!) and top, then ¬†picked up¬†Kelly Breaux, my partner in crime and BFF, and headed to the beach for a day in the sun. She¬†took a few pics of me in¬†my new thong while we were at The Beach.


New Blog, New Boots!

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Jenna and my silly friend, Kelly, started calling me JennaLicious and I can’t seem to get rid of that name, so I’m embracing it, lol. I’m almost 20, am¬†a junior hoping to get an MBA eventually. I love bikinis, boots, books and the beach! I also model, mostly swimsuits and I’m hoping to get a lot of gigs now that summer is coming! Wish me luck!

I was a little down, finals are coming up and I’m so stressed!

So I¬†went over to Zappos and got¬†some new boots. They came today!¬†Any day with new shoes is a good day! They’re faux-leopard skin, sounds cheesy, I know, ¬†but I swear they’re totally awesome. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them. And to top it all off, they were on sale 20% off! SCORE! Maybe I’ll post some pics of them soon…